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Project DAD

Project DAD

Project DAD

TV Interiors is a company for the people. We are happy to launch our new program. Project DAD. Its a program that focuses on setting up and helping single dads create new homes after divorce or separation. With this program we focus on creating a seamless transition from one home to another for the kids. We know it isn’t easy setting up and creating a balanced, yet functional home for most dads, as it’s not what they are use too. And that’s okay. We all need help sometimes. TV Interiors are here to help you create a home.

  • Family room setup
  • Pantry organization
  • Children bedroom Designs
  • Multi-purpose furniture
  • Accessories
  • Bathroom Design and installation
  • Master bedroom design and installation


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Phone: 702.706.0196 or 702.602.8123