How to shop?
How to shop?

How to shop?

Let’s shop. The one thing that I get asked the most is where do I shop for home decor. The truth is I SHOP EVERYWHERE. Anywhere they sell home decor or accessories I will buy them.

Home goods, world market center, target, offer up, yard sales, Wayfair, vendor website and everywhere else I can buy what I need.

I have a saying about my style. “It’s not what you wear but how you wear it.”

That relates to how I feel about home décor, “ It’s not where you get it but how you put it together.”

I encourage my clients to spend the money on quality items, things that will last in their homes. I.e sofas, case goods (console, buffets, tables) mattresses and ceiling lighting. Those items are the base foundation of a basic living room. They are the things you will always need, so spend the money getting quality items. We all love to lay out on the sofa and watch TV with our loved ones. So it must be comfortable. Spend the money getting what you want. Our beds, we spend ⅓ of our life in bed, might as well be one you get the best rest in. Everything else and being fudged a little.

I LOVE HOME GOODS. If you have vision, which I do. I can walk out of home goods with a complete home of accessories. Table lamps. Mirrors, area rugs, drapery (not custom) wall décor and accessories to dress up any area. Think outside the box. However, you get what you pay for. We all have walls that need more than home goods can offer, that’s when I take my designs to the world market center in Vegas. They have large scale items, higher end quality and a large variety of options. But when I have clients on tighter budgets, we look for items that can be refinished (DIY). Again with a bit of imagination, new finish material and YouTube you can make anything. LOL.

So shop everywhere, anywhere you see something that you want. It doesn’t matter where you got it or how much you spent on it, that’s between you and the item. Design your house for you, because you’re the one that has to live there, no one else.